So today is an off day for us. It’s a total surprise from last time (the trials) at Pendleton. Actually have a night and a day off. We’ll see…I hope this isn’t the calm before the storm. 

I already have worked on a few people, and like last time, we expect it to get way more busy as the days progress. Instead of 400 people, we have 50. Instead of a 10 days, we have 24. And instead of a concrete room, we have a nice VIP suite to work out of. With a full kitchen. Ya, much better. 

We also have to cook our own lunches and dinners, but that sounds just fine to me, actually. 

Today the massage team did some shopping. Then I napped. My friend came over from Denver. Good to see him again. Haven’t seen him in about a year. And we found a quittage-like park. Big ring, and lighted towers. Very cool. And decently cold too - it snowed a little and hailed a bit earlier.

Saturday I worked on 4 people. So interesting to see the difference, even for a little while, that a quick session can make. I’m doing mostly ART-style and NMT (trigger point) work. There’s 30 minutes. Not much. But surprising how quickly it can help.

It’s also nice to work hand in hand with a 3 people who do adjustments, an allopathic doctor, personal trainers that know their sports and the team well. Also nice to work with my colleague - she, more than anyone, is probably the reason we’ve done so well.

And as for my fears of not working as much as the other two CMTs that were there at the trials, the final count of who we worked on - I was second. Not bad. Not that the numbers really count, but look who is here, and look who isn’t. Professionalism, and clinical experience win, spa therapy doesn’t, or at least not as much.

I can’t say enough to my classmates that I left behind. I am sorry to leave you, but I wish I could bring you all along next time. This is what I got in this business to do - work with people, and help them do their best. And the program will be there when I get back. I don’t mind waiting 5 months till the cycle comes around again. Perhaps by then I’ll be working with the other military branches as well. 

Fort Carson, speaking of the military, is a WAY nicer place (as is Colorado Springs) than the previous venue. Seriously. A quick trip out and you have movies, restaurants, beautiful scenery, outdoor sports. Ya, I like this spot. Rent here is pretty cheap as well, about 400 for a studio, give or take a bit. 

My colleague pays 1200 for a guesthouse studio apartment in Ventura County. Really.

And that’s all for tonight, folks, I’m at work in 6 hours. Time to sleep. Maybe it’s the altitude…but I’m getting tired at random times.