Quote of the Day: 

My colleague looks at amputee’s leg. She says without thinking, “Does this hurt?” The room erupts into laughter. 

5 minutes later:

Amputee looks at his stump, where my colleague is massaging his calf (what’s left of it). He says without thinking, “Is that scar tissue?” The room again erupts into laughter.  

*   *   * 

I woke up at 7am today. Tired, but ready to get it on. 

Yesterday I was given an old track suit and sweater from a nice staff sargeant. New, this would have cost over 150 bucks. Score! 

As I step outside to leave, I pull the red track suit jacket over me. It fits like a glove. Slimming but roomy. 

As the day progresses we begin to see the affects of several days training - sore shoulders, rotator cuffs, hamstrings/quads. 

The cycling team did 50 odd miles today. A lot for the second day of riding. I’m sure to have them lining up tomorrow. Should be interesting. 

And some of the sitting volleyball guys are having shoulder pain - I wonder why. It’s such a demanding sport, and much harsher to the body. 

I am tired from the lack of sleep. I pass out during a break from 9 to 10am. One of the clients from a few days ago comes by again, so no more sleep. 

Back to work, and I keep working till 4pm. Gobble 4 eggs for my lunch. Drink the day old Starbucks Treinta-size coffee.

6pm rolls around, I am dead, half awake, and sprawled out on the sofas in the main waiting room.

This waiting room has become the main hangout for much of the team. However, it also makes it harder for the corpsmen (medics) to determine who really has a problem for a massage. 

I’m so tired. My colleague went out on the ride, so I’ve been working alone. She gets back, and knocks out several more on the list.

Dinner, I break my paleo diet to eat some great leftover chicago-style pizza, breaded motzz cheese sticks and more eggs. 

Eggs that we commandeer from the continental breakfast served at this “hotel”.

The sunset is so beautiful behind Cheyenne Mountain. 

Army housing, however negative that may sound, is at the moment, is by far and away the better of the two situations. Camp Pendleton left much to be desired - broken, always-on heaters, no wifi/internet, and poor cell phone reception.  

My long day brightens when one of the volleyball coaches, a tall blond with a very smoky, sexy voice, comes by asking for some work. Hey, I’m a guy, and while very professional, who doesn’t want to work on a beautiful person? 

And now it’s 11:20 PM. I’m ready to sleep.

Go Marines!  

Rethink beauty: (unfortunately I’m not working with her…)