So it starts…finally. After getting 4 hours of sleep, I crawled out of bed. Fucking tired, but also it’s DAWN so sun’s streaming into my room. No more sleep possible - the falsely flat Colorado plain just feeds the light into my room and eyes. Ouch. I can hear my auntie saying “macular degeneration” and insisting I wear sunglasses. Heh. 

Drag my ass up, get dressed, get out, get to work.

And nothing. No one. I’m not even on call. Shit. Okay, I’ll nap in our room.

3 hours later. Still no one.

Then after lunch (avocado and a nuked 7/11 burrito) they start to come. Back pain. Shoulder strains. Neck problems. Rotator cuff strains.

(evil laugh)

I think I had 5 people today? Not sure. But that’s 5 people I made a difference for.

Got to meet more of the corpsmen (medics). Good lot. Again, something about the vibe here is way more chill than Pendleton.  We escape for a moment to get Starbucks. My driver’s from Virginia, but has the southern accent down. Very cute. 

And we wait. And I work. And it’s good. 

So now I’m tired, and it’s 11:51PM. Seriously. What happened to the insomniac? Guess he went away. 

Funny how parts of you come out in certain situations - I think it’s all human adaptability.

My favorite quote of today:

"You do things to me I wasn’t allowed to do to prisoners!" - Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Dunn (used with permission).