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Quote of the Day:

"I think that one doctor’s a quack."

*   *   *

Here we are, day 15. Almost done with the 2nd week. Training ends officially on Sunday evening. Tomorrow the medical staff will be doing a dinner at this awesome restaurant in the Springs. 

Somehow no matter how much I sleep, I want to sleep more. 

Funny thing is…I’m happy it’s almost over…and yet I’m worried about the Games themselves. Medical, I predict, is going to probably staff us at the games, one on duty with a table nearby, and one off duty. 

I just worked on one of the Coaches for wheelchair Basketball. He’s been a para-Olympic athlete. He’s had polio. He was telling me how his doctors were saying, “you probably shouldn’t be exercising/competing, because it can make the post-polio syndrome worse.” But as an athlete, he’s been training and competing for something like 17 years already. He’s coaching now, but still very very active. Strong upper body. 

Janis worked on him yesterday, so today I did a light lymphatic/swedish flush. Nothing too hard, since he’s still a little sore. He did comment that his range of motion was better…even though the soreness (which I think may be from doing a little too deep work for an initial session, but that’s my opinion) was still there, and made him get up at 4am this morning to take an Advil. 

So far it seems the injuries have been light. Mostly grade 1, maybe 2. It does seem that most of the team is not severely injuring themselves, and that the coaches have been doing a good job primarily of pushing fluids and recovery drinks on the team. 

And from the glimpses of the other teams, we are looking good. Running, wheelchair sports, sitting volleyball - which we the staff got to try out two days ago. That was awesome - our team is looking fierce, intimidating, and ready to kick ass!!

Unfortuately, I wasn’t able to check out the basketball yesterday due to more people coming in, and needing work. We barely got a 30 minute lunch. After I slept like 2 hours the night before. So last night, I crashed at 930 and slept like a fucking log until 7am. 

My 730 I woke up for never showed. But the Rod was so awesome. As most of them are. I honestly think that this team has been amazing - they’ve suffered so much, and are pushing themselves every day to really achieve. I think we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna win the three-peat. 

Also my allergies to the Colorado dust seem to be fading. Some sniffles here and there, but so far so good, thanks to generic Claratin-D.

And finally, a day off again. Saturday night we’re partying to the wee hours! :) Funkagenda in Denver! :) Hell ya.

Music is a great part of my life - and being away from the concerts, the shows, and the scene in general - I miss it almost as much as my dance classes and partner.

By the way, can I say something - people that do not know how to learn are the ones that get the most pissed off when they can’t get a step. But do not be crabby at the teacher/instructor when YOU cannot get the step. We do our best to help. Bitching at us is not going to help you learn. Jeez. 

Oh, and we also had an awesome lightening storm last night. Not like the South, but it was nice to see the lights. You never see that in So Cal. Barely. Miss it. 


Day 6. WW Games, Colorado Springs 

Quote of the Day: 


"Does this hurt?"

"Ow! Yes!"

"How about this?"


"Okay let’s get the doc."

"More tests? I keep saying ‘ow’ when you push there." 

* * *

I am slightly tipsy. I am a lightweight. I have had 1 beer. Laugh away. 

Today was long. What day isn’t? I can tell I’m tired because I start to lose my articulation in speech. I wake up at 630. Stumble out of the room at 7ish, and walk through the waiting Marines. Every morning at 700, they have a team briefing (aka ‘formation’). But these usually start late, and I am in no mood to chat.

The medical door is now clearly marked with a sign. “USMC Medical”. I make a mental note of that. Someone has written “hoo-rah” in small type under it. I push it open. Several people are already inside. Doc is there, as well as my massage teammate. The corpsmen are sitting around, as they tend to do. Later they will be joined by a very fast runner who will fall, and his cute husky puppy (the service dog mentioned earlier). 

It has been a long day. I don’t feel like writing. One thing though: Fast Runner came back in later after his fall. He had some swelling in the front of his shoulder, and the coach had stupidly said “get a massage”. I was dubious, as his rotator cuff and range of motion was not bad at all. Then I felt his AC and Coracoclavicular joint. He said “ow”. I sent him over to the doc to be checked out. 

The most important thing in sports massage is knowing when NOT to massage. Thank you, Cynthia Ribeiro. 

Doc and the head athletic trainer pronounced him with 3 things, 2 of which I suspected. A slight AC joint sprain, a Coracoclavicular sprain, and the short biceps head strain. I fistpumped a ‘yes!!!’ to this, as I told the doc I suspected both CC and AC joint problems! 

Score 1 for me. 

We gave him and ice pack, and I, feeling slightly bad that he didn’t get a massage, showed him how to roll his quads and IT band. He had never rolled before. He is also one of our fastest runners on the team, I am told. 

It feels good to know what you do. 

Also today one of the coaches tipped me. Single leg amputee who teaches/coaches cycling. I tried to say no, but he threatened me, saying “Never get in a kicking fight with a 1 legged man.” We laughed. 

What I Learned Today 

Ethernet does not always mean faster streaming of tv shows. Boo. I want Mad Men!

Working on the lower back (quadratus lumborum) in sidelying is MUCH easier when you can open up the hip to actually get in with the elbow. Else you just blow out your thumbs. 

Blown out thumbs make for sore forearms, which you use as a substitute. 

Sore forearms make for tired Jonny. 

Tired Jonny wants to sleep. 

Coffee helps somewhat. 

Also, corpsmen are funny. And when they take you off base, it is such a breather. 

Yay Noodles and Company. You’re like Panera Bread, just with noodles.

Night. Tomorrow is only one practice and that means we’ll be SLAMMED for work. Ya.