Quote of the Day:

Corpsmen say the darnest things: 

"Pollo Topolombampoooooo"

"Read up on the history of (Naval) Corpsmen."

*   *   *

Last night, we went out with some of the Corpsmen here. Apparently, Corpsmen can do lots of things. Prior to this, I knew very little about them - I assumed they were mainly medics of a sort. But according to one of our guys, they’re the conduit of sorts between the point of injury to a higher medical provider. And despite their cockyness, they’re a good group of guys. I’m happy to be working alongside them. But instead of just wounds, we’re dealing with a lot of sports injuries, and for all of us, it’s a good experience. 

Quoted from my FB page this morning. I was too tired and tipsy last night to write.

Gotta thank the instructors at NHI. Your voices echo in my head when I’m working on people. Thanks to you, two days ago, I caught an AC joint sprain, and referred the patient out to the team’s doctor. Plus I met a classmate of Dan Arnheim (one of our team’s athletic trainers)! So for all my current and former classmates…take it seriously. Know your orthopedic tests. They’ll save your butt.

The tests are what, IMO, will separate you from the rest cause you’ll be able to get a confirmation/refer out, and be able to talk to a doctor on a professional level. I know they say it at school, but until you have to DO IT on the fly, it doesn’t really hit home.

Thanks to the NMT training, I feel like they take me seriously. The team doesn’t have much “I don’t want no man rubbing on me” anymore. We may joke about, classmates, about elevating our profession, but that’s exactly what NMT can do for you. Take this course seriously. It’s no joke. This team’s training is physically demanding. I’m seeing 7 or 8 patients a day, 30 minute sessions, you have to triage problems, instantly know what orthopedic tests to do, and deal with postural/structural deviations, amputees, as well as sports-related injuries.

But it’s so worth it. Every inch of ROM I can give my team, every little edge, helps us that much closer to winning these Games. For other, it may mean little. But for these athletes, it’s hope. It’s proof that their injury is not the end for them. That it’s just the beginning.